What a hectic few weeks it’s been. 

I’ve been slammed at work, slammed at home, and those things have left no time to blog or surf the net; let alone sit on my rear for any length of time.

Nothing major has happened since last I posted.  Although I do think Hun and I qualify for the crappiest parents award.  LaLa turned Sweet 16 on Sunday.  We’ve been asking her for months what she wants to do for her birthday – we’ve gotten nada, zip, and zero from her.  We did finally get a “January birthdays are horrible, it’s too cold to do anything (ummm…..65 is too cold?), can I have a party in the spring instead?”  So, that’s what she’s getting – a delayed birthday.

I was going to take her shopping for something – anything – but Hun spent the entire weekend working on The Car we bought for her to drive, so shopping didn’t happen.  We do finally have The Car at the point that we think it will pass our state’s inspection process.  It only took us 3 weeks and almost $800 – so much for a cheap vehicle.

I took LaLa errand shopping with me instead – so we got to spend some one-on-one time together.  I also got her to apply for some jobs to help pay for that hunk of metal sitting in our driveway.  Applying at the first stop, Sonic, was the hardest for her.  She kept saying she couldn’t walk up and ask for an application because everyone would just be staring at her and it would be too embarrassing!!  I told her I had faith in her, but that didn’t seem to work.  5 minutes of back and forth persuading that it wouldn’t be bad, oh yes it will be and my patience was starting to wear thin.  I finally asked her, “if her asking for an application inside would more or less embarrassing than me rolling down my window and hollering at the carhop that my daughter needed an application?”  A lot of eye rolling and gnashing of teeth with a tart reply of, “This is so not fair” and LaLa was on her way inside for an application.  Evil, just evil – and I love it!

Hun also has a new job that he just started yesterday.  Woohoo!!  The temp company he was working for didn’t have any business to keep him busy and in the last 3 weeks only worked him about 60 hours total.  That’s just not enough to keep our family trucking along for any amount of time.  So, after he went in last Monday and they sent him home again for lack of work, he hit the job trail to see what was available.  Third company he walked into basically hired him on the spot – they had a guy walk out on them that morning.  AND – he was able to negotiate a pretty decent salary – he’ll be bumped up closer to what he was making before after a 4 month probationary period.  Sweet!

As for my job – last night was a huge dinner I’ve been helping to plan for the last several weeks.  There was real doubt about whether or not it would go off without a hitch – doubts both by me and about me from the bosses.  I don’t blame them.  I wasn’t at my best in figuring this whole thing out.  I hate being in new situations because I have no idea how the different players expect things to turn out.  I was even more stressed because I didn’t plan on being at the dinner, so I would have no idea if anything turned out the way I had planned or asked for. 

Then it happened, on Friday, I was asked to attend the dinner as well – which was a relief and another stressor – now they would have a face with the name to blame mistakes on!

The dinner turned out fine.  The caterer was more than awesome, the venue was beautiful and the flowers were gorgeous.  I had several people tell me that everything looked wonderful – including my boss and her boss.  I’m pretty sure they were sincere, but they could have just been playing nice in front of the other guests…..guess I’ll find out today when I walk in the door at work.

So….as you can see – I had a pretty boring life since last time I posted.  Maybe this posting thing is keeping the crazy away because I swear my life isn’t usually this mundane!!