I’m in a funk.

I know why I’m in a funk, but I can’t figure out how to get out of it.

No….really….it’s okay – don’t mind me.  I’ll figure it out somehow.

{{Sigh}}  OH, ok – if you really insist, I’ll tell you….but let me remind you – you asked for it!

Rowdy is driving me nuts.

I know, I know – he’s just a hormonal, 13 year old.  I should give him some slack.  I know that – but putting it into practice is getting hard.

Before I forget – I should update you on the status of his thumb.  It’s okay.  Yep – all that planning for the worst case scenario was for naught.  Although I did get a kick out of Hun’s text to me when they got done at the doctor’s office:

Rowdy is fine, no more cast.  They said to watch him for a few weeks and doing the dishes will help with the stiffness.


That was so great!  I laughed the rest of the afternoon after reading that text.  Rowdy didn’t think it was so funny though.

Back to why he’s annoying me….

Remember the vacation we just took?  Well, we planned this trip for months – over a year.  Because we knew when we would be going, as soon as the date was set, we started the kids on a sort of forced/coerced savings plan with their allowance to help them buy souvenirs.  Out of all of them, Rowdy did the best and ended up saving the most – over $90.  Not too shabby for a 12-13 year old.

We get on the cruise and Rowdy insists that there is nothing he wants to spend his money on.  We remind him (and the others) that Christmas is a week away and his Mom (Jetsam) and his younger brother might like to get something from Mexico from him.

(Let’s see, I’m going to call little brother…..Flounder – just to keep with the Little Mermaid theme I’ve got going here with the Exes and their extended families.)

Rowdy finally bought Jetsam a $3.00 key chain.

He insisted there was nothing from any of our stops that Flounder would like.  I pointed out the Mexican Wrestler caps w/capes to him (what I know of Flounder, he would LOVE one of these) – Rowdy insisted that Flounder would just embarrass him by wearing it everywhere.  Well…..what are little brothers for but to embarrass you?  So Rowdy shows up to Christmas at Jetsam’s house with a key chain and nothing else – no we didn’t take them shopping again – we’re evil remember?

Low and behold, after we get back to the states and after Christmas, it’s suddenly revealed why Rowdy didn’t want to spend any of his money – he wants to buy an X-Box 360.  Both Hun and I pointed out to Rowdy that it was really rude of him to get Jetsam something, but not Flounder anything for Christmas.  Rowdy insists that he did get him something, but when pressed we were answered with, “Uhhhh…..I ummm…..I got him…….a…….ummmm….. I got him a movie that he really wanted.”  {{rolls eyes}}  Yeah, ok, we believe that!  “NO…REALLY!” he insists, “My mom took me shopping for him.”  He’s insisting that the real reason he wants the X-Box is for Flounder to play with at Jetsam’s house – so it’s really his Christmas gift, not the movie.  Yeah, ok, we believe that too….not.

So now he has spent what is so far the entire month of January trying to figure out how he can get an X-Box for the amount of money he has left.  He even convinced us to let him look on Craig’s List to see if he could find a good deal.  We had to rein him in a little when he tried to convince us of the AWESOME deal that was ONLY a 2 hour drive away from us.  Yeah – we’re not going to do that….so sorry.

His Uncle (Jetsam’s brother) finally said he would sell Rowdy his X-Box for the amount of cash Rowdy has.  Rowdy has spent EVERY…SINGLE…NIGHT since last week on the phone or on the internet trying to coordinate an exchange.  First he basically stalked his Uncle on Facebook with messages.  Then he moved onto his Aunt to try to convince her to convince Uncle to hurry up.  Then he employed Jetsam to run decoy and harass Uncle even more. 

We finally had to tell Rowdy he couldn’t get on the phone or internet any more – the poor guy works nights and they have a new baby for crying out loud!!  Leave the poor people alone!!!!!

Uncle caved to the pressure and brought the system over tonight.  woohoo – yeah – you go – can you feel my excitement?

What is upsetting me the most about this exchange is the overheard conversations between Rowdy and Flounder while on the phone.  Rowdy’s excitement is apparent, but distressing to also hear from him, “The system is MINE!  I’m leaving it there for you to play with it, and you better take care of it if you know what’s good for you.  Also, when I’m over there, you better believe I have control of the games.”  I realize this is all part of being an older sibling, but it just bothers me on the gut level that he would behave that way to his own brother that has way less than him.

At least the exchange is finally over and done with.  Now, all we have left to contend with is the very real possibility of Rowdy showing up at Jetsam’s house in the near future only to be told the system was pawned to pay for the rent or some such story.  Oh, and Momma will get it out….eventually….but if you want it now, you’ll have to pay the fees yourself – she’ll pay you back one day, PROMISE.  Better yet, your Dad and Karaboo are rich – have them pay the fees for you.