The excitement called my life hasn’t stopped yet.  It looks like 2011 was my “calm” year and 2012 is gearing up to be a doozey.

Jetsam’s car has broken down.  Apparently bad enough that she claims it’s unfixable.  In her words, “It went ka-bloowie!!”

Ummm….is that a technical term?

So, because we have it all – decent paying jobs, a house, running vehicles, The Mistress, we’re not on food stamps, and new cloths from a discount department store – we have been informed that it is our “duty” to assist her in purchasing a new vehicle.  Especially since we purchased LaLa a car on HER birthday!

Oh the horrors!!

She wants us to allow her to claim one of the kids on her federal tax return so that she can get more money back to help her buy a new car.  There is so much wrong with this!!  First off – the kids live with us full time and they are only with her every other weekend (EOW).  Second off, the amount of child support she pays for 3 kids in one month doesn’t even touch our grocery bill for 2 weeks – and the only reason it’s that much is because the state is seizing more for her being past-due by over a year.  Third off, she is still behind on said child support – even after having 2010’s income tax return seized from her and given to us to make up for the shortage (that we just received 2 months ago).

So, she wants us to allow her to claim a child so she can supposedly have enough money to buy herself a new/different vehicle.  When (not if) her income tax return is seized again this year, we’ll have basically paid her to give us the money she owes us.


Hun and I are not without compassion for her situation.  We have tried to help her out in the past.  I had a job guaranteed for her at my place of business (granted, not the best of situations, but I was willing to try!).  She never bothered to apply.  Hun has talked to other companies and they said they would hire her if she applied – she never did.  Besides the conditions she was forcing the kids to live in, Hun and I discussed the added benefit to her that if we had custody of the 3 kids and she only had to care for her youngest, it would allow her the traction she needed to get on her feet and prosper.  That obviously hasn’t happened either. 

And yet, she had the nerve to ask Hun this past summer (before I started blogging) when he was giving custody of the kids back to her.  The way she is going, “never” is his reply.

My question to Hun has been, “Why are we considering bailing her out?” 

His response?  “So we aren’t considered bigger asses to his children than we already are.”

Too late for that I’m afraid.  Why don’t we just continue to be evil and say NO?

That will be too hurtful to the kids.  Like their own mom hasn’t hurt them enough as is – why do we have to be the saints?

I would tell Jetsam to talk to her family about helping her out, but she’s already burned those bridges.  Her mom’s in another state, her dad and his wife told her not to bother coming around anymore since she expected them to open their doors to a mooching 30+ year old woman and her 4 kids (yet, they’re evil too we hear), her younger sister’s husband finally put his foot down and said no more (after she convinced them to give her a truck they had and then proceeded to trash that vehicle), and her brother is laying low – probably at the insistence of his wife – and I don’t blame her!

Jetsam has expected all of us to bail her out of life at some time or another.  To a point, we’re still bailing her out since she receives public assistance.  And yet we’re evil because we don’t want to give more.

My last question is – So who’s going to bail us out?