Why oh why can my life not be “normal”?

Normal for me is so hectic!  Although, I had a pretty productive weekend – along with rearing my evil side as well.

Helped my sis-to-be, Dharma, with her wedding invites.  Only had a small glitch with the ink not drying as fast as we expected it to, but she said it would be okay (hopefully she’s not plotting revenge on me!).  Another thing checked off her to-do list for the wedding in June.

LaLa now has a vehicle!  Woohoo!!  We were even able to get her what she wanted (kind of) and what we wanted. 

Her list:

  • Mitsubishi Eclipse – check!  1992
  • Wheels – check!
  • Radio – check!

Our list:

  • Cheap – check!  Came in under budget – SaaWeeet!
  • Running – check! 
  • Able to pass inspection – not sure yet….but we think it will….
  • Standard transmission (told you we were evil parents!) – check!
  • Fairly cheap on insurance – check!
  • Good gas mileage – check!

She’s beyond ecstatic – I don’t think she’s stopped smiling since she found out the car is hers last night.  Now…to just get her into Driver’s Ed for lessons…..

Since you’re sitting on the edge of your seat wondering about the evilness I spread this weekend, I won’t delay any more:

Flotsam ticked me off.  When does he not tick me off?  Good question – I’ll let you know as soon as it actually happens.  He called last week asking about seeing Buddy this weekend.  It was not his weekend to visit with him, but because we were out of the country for one of his visitations, I was fine with making it up to him.  See!?!  I’m not all evil – I swear!

So – we agreed that they would meet over at the park across from our house for visitation at 1pm like usual.  While Buddy was waiting on 1pm – Hun and I were also trying to coordinate our surprise for LaLa with the car.  It was posted for sale at 12:30pm and after talking to the guy, we left for the test-drive at 1:15pm.  Buddy has already left for the park at this point, so I went over there to make sure he knew we wouldn’t be home, would he be okay with that (he is almost 15 after all) and to take him a house key if he didn’t have one on him. 

Buddy and Flotsam were NOT at the park!  I didn’t panic, but went by the little store that is a block away to see if they were there getting snacks (they usually do) – they weren’t there either!!  Now I was pissed!!!  I went back to the house, picked up Hun and we called Flotsam’s phone.  He didn’t answer right away, but did call back asking why I was bothering them and why I needed to talk to Buddy.  OH NO!!  You do NOT talk to ME like that!!  Found out from Buddy where they were at (a different park that Flotsam had picked him up and taken him to) and went with Hun to the other park.

Flotsam walked up with Buddy and Ursula’s daughter.  I asked the kids to go hang out somewhere else as I needed to talk to Flotsam (thank goodness they didn’t argue!).  Flotsam has the nerve to ask why I was interrupting their visitation time and I pointed out that they were not at the park where they said they would be.  Flotsam’s response was, “I said I would meet Buddy at the park.”  But this isn’t the park we agreed on and implying that I was okay with you leaving with him for somewhere else isn’t going to work.  He insisted he did nothing wrong and that he said he would meet Buddy at the park and did as he said he was going to do. 

I reminded him that I had attempted to find them and not knowing where they were is a huge issue.  Flotsam then questioned why I even needed to tell Buddy anything while it was their visitation time and that I was the one in the wrong. 

Okay – fine, I’m in the wrong.  But just so you know Flotsam, I’ll make sure you don’t make this mistake again….Buddy!  Visitation is OVER! 

I will not be told that what I am doing for the safety of Buddy is wrong.  I know Flotsam – if he had gotten away with taking Buddy to a different park, he would see what else he could get away with on his next visitation.  Flotsam is never in the wrong and when/if he ever does apologize, it’s only to get what he wants (for he thinks if he apologizes, the person he’s apologizing to will cave to his demands disguised as a request). 

Maybe in the eyes of those reading this I will be painted as a controlling ex-wife biatch – that’s fine.  For those of you who are reading this and have never met Flotsam – I’m okay with being labeled that.  I spent way too many years putting the life of Buddy in danger because I was trying NOT to be THAT person.  Judge away – I’m evil remember?  I can handle it.