Well, the suitcases are packed away, laundry is done and most of the signs remaining that we went on vacation are too subtle to notice.  Finally – the mess you see in my house is just that – my ordinary messy life of living with 4 kids, 2 dogs and Hun.

Christmas has also been put away.  Even the sales items I bought.  The only thing remaining is kids lounging the days and week away in their traditional Christmas pajamas they received while waiting for school to start back up.

My life is back to its everyday, ordinary, no-drama-filled life. 

Wait – what?  Who am I talking about?  This is me remember?  I can’t have a life filled with no drama!  Something has to happen – doesn’t it?  Of course it does – that’s why I finally started blogging – so I can get my hopes, dreams, frustrations and wackiness out of my head and out into the universe for others to enjoy.

Jetsam strikes again!  This time, Hun and I are on the same page, so we won’t have the drama we had the last time this issue came up…..

Jetsam got a dog.  Not just any dog, but a Lab/Pit-bull mix.  The kids are so excited!!  THEY HAVE A DOG!!

Honey and Gomer are looking at me with eyes that seem to say, “What are we?  Chopped liver?”

But I digress….this is about Jetsam – she got a dog.  Not a small dog either, but a pretty big one (I have no idea if it’s male or female at this point, but will be referring to it as a he for right now).  And this bothers me – a lot.  Why?  Because of the history with Jetsam and dogs.  You probably think I’m worrying about the living conditions of Jetsam’s new home for no reason, so I searched the wonderful internet to find a picture that would best describe her new living arrangements:


While this isn’t exactly what she’s living in, it’s really not far from the truth either.  She does have stairs and windows after all (and all kidding aside – I’m being truthful about this trailer she’s living in).  But, based on trailers I know – the one pictured above is about the same size as what she’s currently living in (although it’s a mobile home, not an RV like this picture depicts).  The structures were probably built around the same time frame and I’m guessing only has 2 bedrooms.  Not what I would call ideal conditions to be raising kids in.

Where the trailer is located at, she has no fenced in yard.  The trailer is less than 50 yards away from a major road that rock hauling and gas drilling semi-trucks rumble down all day long.  The circular driveway (that also services 7 or 8 other trailers in the same sad condition) is so pitted with pot holes that I had to creep The Beast through there for fear of ripping the muffler out of the bottom.

I can’t imagine this being a happy place for a dog – any dog – let alone such a large dog (I don’t see it as a happy place for my kids either).  And based on the last time Jetsam had a dog – he’ll only be allowed in the house while someone is home – maybe.  This means he’ll have to be chained up to be kept safe – otherwise they run the very large risk of him being run over by a semi. 

Never mind the fact that in Texas we have laws regarding pit-bulls and how they are cared for to prevent injury to others (some counties requiring 6’ fencing and concrete barriers to prevent digging to escape the fencing).  Extra homeowner’s insurance is also usually required – some insurance companies will not even handle pit-bulls.  Or that Jetsam has issues controlling her own kids, what makes her think she’ll be able to control such a large dog?  And forget about training – that takes time and patience that I’ve rarely seen from the kids or Jetsam.

Last we heard Jetsam was also on public assistance – receiving food stamps and other services.  I’m all for assisting people when they need help, but I’m also of the mind that says some rules should be attached as well.  Like I have an issue with her receiving food stamps, but she still has money to buy her cigarettes.  She complains about not having gas money to see her kids, but now has money to buy dog food.  Things like this are what bother me.  I don’t have the answers, but I know it doesn’t seem right either.

When the inevitable happens – that she can no longer afford to care for the dog – the kids will beg and plead with us to take it because they love him so much!!  This has happened before – with two other dogs.  It will not be the first time that we will have to tell them no.  We will be made out to be the bad guys (again). 

Hun has already said the dog is not coming to our house no matter what – he does not want the responsibility that comes with owning a pit-bull.  I can tell by his words, he’s worried too.  We’re both hoping we’re worrying for no reason.

Poor dog.