Well, it is official – Rowdy broke his thumb on vacation. 

We had an appointment with a hand specialist today and they were surprised he wasn’t in more pain.  Thankfully, they didn’t make us feel any worse than we already did by waiting until we got back to the states for treatment.  However – now we’ll just have to see how much grief Jetsam gives us for waiting.  She knows the circumstances and the outcome now – hasn’t said anything, but her mode is usually to wait until she’s mad at us for something else to bring up later how horrible we were for not getting him treatment “immediately”.  Well – screw her – we made the best decision we could at the time given the information we had available to us.

I promised more details of our vacation – so here you go:

Costa Maya was beautiful.  We didn’t go anywhere except the shopping center and area directly attached to the cruise ship dock.  It had a swimming pool, shopping, bars, restaurants, and an area where you could swim with the dolphins (for a small {LARGE}) charge.  It was partly cloudy all day – which also included it sprinkling on us off and on all day.  With the rain, lack of sun and being December – it was too cold to swim, but that didn’t stop the kids anyway.  Hun bought me an adult drink that was served in an interesting souvenir cup….it’s supposed to be a palm tree, but you tell me what you see:

Uhhuh – that’s what I though!

Belize was also beautiful.  We took a cave tubing tour that we booked off ship.  We were nervous about this because of horror stories regarding being late to the boat and being left behind.  Thankfully, we were back in plenty of time.  The weather was the same as the day before – partly cloudy with the clouds spitting on us all day.  It made the hike to the river wonderful – not too hot and not too cold.  However, we had to deal with mud, lots and lots of mud:


Getting back on board the ship was fine for us, but I had a nagging feeling that something was wrong.  Around 5pm, we met up with the family on board and I noticed my parents were nowhere to be found.  I expressed my concern but was told I was worrying for no reason.  At 5:30pm (the last tender time), parents still had not made an appearance and my nagging feeling went up 3 notches.  Announcements were made that everyone was on board and we would be setting sail on time at 6pm – again family said I was worrying for no reason.  6pm came and still no parents – I know my parents, this isn’t normal.  Ship started moving and family said – they’re fine!  They’re just taking a nap.  No!!  It’s NOT fine – this is not right!!  Parents finally arrived around 6:15pm, only to say – their tour was late, they didn’t get on the ship until 6pm and the ship had to wait on them and 16 other people to get on board before leaving.


Thank goodness they booked the tour through the ship – by doing that, the ship HAS to wait on late tours – it is part of the guarantee of booking through the cruise line and paying the higher prices.  16 or 17 cruises and my parents have never once been late to the ship on any of the tours they have taken – this was the first time.

Honduras was great as well.  We booked a private island tour – and that is exactly what it was – a private island.  We were able to walk around the entire island in about 45 minutes of easy strolling.  It had an animal sanctuary, replica Mayan ruins (which meant we could climb all over them since they weren’t real), swimming pool, private beach w/snorkeling and buffet lunch.  It was wonderful.  The weather was again the same – I’m sensing a pattern here – partly cloudy and sprinkling.

Probably the best part of the entire day though was eating lunch with LaLa.  After strolling around, I was hungry so started up to the buffet (the kids had long since scattered to do their own thing – where could they go after all?).  I finally saw Hun snag a table and waited while he went to get something to drink.  LaLa came up as I was waiting and I noticed she had a plate of rice and what looked like chicken strips.  As I’m walking away to get my food, I’m thinking to myself, “I don’t remember the tour description including chicken strips on the menu – maybe they changed it”.  As I walked up to the buffet line, a very nice man described the food choices to me – tossed salad, island chicken, sea bass, rice, beans and fried banana chips. 

I pointed to the “chicken strips” and said – that’s sea bass?!?  Yes ma’am it is.  “My daughter is going to be mad at you!!  She thinks its chicken strips!  She HATES fish.”  I swear to God the guy put his hand to his mouth and giggled!!  When I got back to the table, I asked LaLa how her chicken strips were (as it was obvious she had eaten one of them before figuring it out).


Hun and I almost choked we were laughing so hard.

And the vacation continued……