We’re down to the last couple of days before we leave on vacation (3 to be exact) and we’re well on our way to being prepared:

  • Passports, documentation, tickets and reservations gathered, printed out and ready to go – Check
  • Paper delivery put on hold – Check
  • Mail delivery put on hold – Check
  • Teachers informed of the vacation and homework requested in advance – Check
  • Dogs have updated shots and ready for boarding – Check
  • Neighbors informed that we will be gone and to call the cops if any moving vans park in front of our house – Check
  • The Mistress all buckled down in a safe place – Check
  • Extra medicines picked up and ready to go – Check
  • 4 kids, 2 dogs, 1 husband and a stressed out wife all packed and ready to go – Sort Of Check

Suitcases are already packed except for last minute things, lists have been made for those items (yes….I’m a little OCD……so?  What’s your point?), and all that is left is to pack The Beast and off we go – so why do I still feel stressed?

Why do I feel like I’m forgetting something – something important??

I think I’m stressed because I don’t actually have 3 days left to fix any last minute changes.  I only have Wednesday left to get anything done.  I still have to work on Wednesday and Thursday and while I do have Friday off – it’s already booked with a lot of things that can only been done on Friday (like cleaning out the refrigerator, changing and washing the sheets on our bed, last minute laundry requests, cleaning the bathroom, taking out trash, packing The Beast, boarding the dogs and getting my vacation pedicure done).  Everything except dropping the dogs off for boarding and my pedicure is a negotiable item on Friday’s to-do list.

So, just do the things on Thursday night if you don’t finish them on Wednesday you might say.  Well, I would, but LaLa has dress rehearsal for choir and Monkey has a 5th grade program scheduled we will need to attend (while getting dinner ready and eaten, showers taken, and homework picked up).  So finish up on Friday night – yeah right!  LaLa has her Christmas choir concert (remember the dress rehearsal?) and both Buddy and Rowdy have a Winter band concert – 3 kids in 2 different shows on the same night in 2 different locations the night before we leave on vacation.

Stressed yet?  I am.

I still have to go to work at a job I still don’t know how to do, cook, clean, and fit some time in there to sleep – oh and post to this blog if I have time.  🙂

Saturday morning is going to be spent waking everyone up (if they even go to sleep), last minute items packed up, and then a hurry-up and wait while attempting to keep everyone calm waiting for the phone call that says…..


{{psst – if you happen to figure out what I’m forgetting….feel free to leave me a comment with a hint or clue….I’d appreciate it!!}}