As I type this, there is only 9 days left before we leave on vacation….

To say I am anticipating this trip would be an understatement.

Our last planned vacation 3 summers ago was severely modified due to circumstances beyond our control.  Two days before we were to leave on a road trip to a nearby destination for a week of blatant tourist debauchery, our air conditioning unit went out.  In Texas, air conditioning is a need, not a want – especially after a summer like we had this year.  60+ days of over 100+ degree heat, now classified as the 2nd hottest summer on record and air conditioning is no longer considered just a creature comfort.  Our house is nowhere near considered energy efficient, but even knocking the heat down from 108 to a measly 85 is better than nothing.

So, it was with a heavy heart 3 summers ago that Hun and I cancelled our planned trip with the kids to pay for a new a/c unit.  To say the kids were disappointed is an understatement as well.  They still ask if we can someday take the trip that we had to cancel.  I hope this trip (equally anticipated for years) lives up to the hype.

Work is attempting to stress me out as much as they can before I leave as pay-back for going on vacation within the first 2 months of starting work with them.  So much so, I sent myself into what I believe was a mild panic attack yesterday.  Not work’s fault – just my own OCDness shining through as usual.

On a positive note – I have almost tamed the wildness that is now my office.  Most of the filing (some items waiting to be filed were from 1992!) has now been done.  Scanning is well on its way – and the pile of scanning to do (about 3 foot high total) has now been hidden away in a convenient location to be done during lulls in the work day.  Why hidden?  Because seeing a 3 foot high pile of “to-do” work every day for the last 3 weeks helped contribute to my panic attack.

The pantry and kitchen has also been cleaned (mostly).  I cleaned out the panty and swear to God, I threw away everything except the coffee and one can of soup.  Every other food item in there was expired – one item expired in 2001!!  ((URK!!  gag!!  coughcough)).  The condiment packages were disgusting!!  I’m pretty sure what liquid was left in the packets of lemon juice aren’t supposed to be brown.  I also know that some of the condiment packaging has not been carried by our company in close to 10+ years.

The director of the department discovered a soda can in the refrigerator had exploded everywhere.  She assumed it had happened over the Thanksgiving holiday – I didn’t have the heart to tell her it had been in there a while – a looonnnnngggg while.  The puddle of soda at the bottom had congealed and glued the drawer shut weeks/months before.

The supply cabinet has also been whipped back into some sort of order.  Boxes have been grouped, envelopes have been corralled, pens have been wrangled and paper clips have been piled.  There is a shoebox full of bulldog clips of every size imaginable – I have no idea why they have so many clips, but they’re all in one easy to locate place now.  The filing room has also been straightened and organized.  Horizontal spaces are now clear to actually work on instead of being catch-alls for anything and everything.

The plants may be a lost cause though….  They’re no longer drooping, but they are still turning yellow.  I’m not sure if I’m watering them too much now or if there just isn’t enough light in the department to sustain them properly.  The jury is still out on the plant issue….

I have even managed to get the copy machine repaired, fixed the hot water dispenser myself, and suggested a new layout for the office.  Apparently the architect team tasked with updating our out-of-date office (we have a grey toilet w/mauve linoleum countertop in the bathroom) liked how open feeling my concept design of the office worked with the existing structure.  The office is due for a complete make-over in the near future.  I hope the director of the department isn’t offended that my design was better received than hers was……

All of this has been done, along with learning my actual job tasks, in only the last 23 work days.  I’m finally feeling like I’m living up to my title of Operations Office Manager.  No wonder I’m stressed.

Caribbean……take me away!!!!