Well……the Thanksgiving holiday was a complete success (YEAH!) and a complete failure (BOO!).

The Successes:

  • Jetsam and her mother – Cruella – left me alone about this blog.  I didn’t have to defend myself or my right to free speech.  I didn’t have to use the information I looked up about freedom of speech (just in case I needed facts to support myself).  Either the kids didn’t tell them about it or they just didn’t want to bother with me….whatever the reason, I’m thankful!
  • I almost completely avoided all stores on Black Friday.  The one store I did go into, I didn’t go with the intent of the sales, but because I actually needed these 2 specific items for Saturday’s predicted weather – very rainy and very cold.  I waited until almost noon before venturing out to avoid stampedes, mace and general mayhem.  I was pleasantly surprised when the items I purchased were much cheaper than the tags said because of the sales.  Seriously – I LOVE my new ski pants and goulashes.  Why ski pants when I don’t even know how to ski?  Because they’re warm, they’re semi-water/mud-proof, they were perfect for what I needed them for, and they were only $20.
  • I was able to get rid of most of the traditional Ritz Cracker Pie I made.  Thankfully, my sister-in-law-to-be (hmmm…name…name….gotta give her a name….I know!  Dharma – Dharma it will be!! – you know…as in Dharma and Greg?  Bro is soooo gonna love that nick!!  HA!) has never experienced RCP and took most of it with her.  She wanted to share it with her side of the family – gladly!  Take it!!  And with my blessings!!  <<<psst…..I think I found a new sucker…uh…I mean….the next new chef in the family to make the pie!!>>>
  • Finalized plans for vacation were made.  WOOHOO!!

The Failures:

  • Jetsam and Cruella left me alone about this blog.  Dang it!  I had my speech all planned out.  I had my cocky laugh all practiced for when they threatened to sue me for everything I’m worth (about $2.76 right now by the way….).  I was going to pull the information about freedom of speech out of my purse with a flourish and leave them speechless and in awe of my intellect.  I was going to finish the conversation off with a sneer and a “see you in court!”  None of it happened…..damn it.
  • I had to go to the store on BLACK FRIDAY.  I hate shopping in general and I hate dealing with other shoppers.  To need something and that need land on the busiest shopping day of the year might as well be my death knell.  I hate crowds.  I hate trying on cloths.  And I hate that it took me so long to buy what I did.  I’ll never be without ski pants again….did I mention I love them?
  • I didn’t get a darn thing done at my house the whole weekend.  No Christmas decorations have been put up (and still haven’t been….), no bathroom painted, no groceries bought, no blogs written – I didn’t do anything besides eat, sleep and fend off Hun’s advances.  It was exhausting I tell you!
  • Finalized plans for vacation were made.

CRAP!!    I only have 12 days left before we leave – what the hell am I doing typing this??  I better get packing!!