Have you ever said something and instantly thought…..Uh Oh!  Shouldn’t have said that!?!

I did that (again) earlier in the week.  I’ve been thinking about the possible consequences and ramifications ever since…..

Before now, when posting to this blog, I had to fight the crowd of 4 kids and 1 Hun for the computer.  Or, I had to secretly post from work when my boss wasn’t looking.  She didn’t care for the most part, but it did bother me (just a little).  So, posting for me usually happened sporadically at my house, after the kids went to bed or when the majority of them were at Jetsam’s house for the weekend.  Since getting the new laptop, I’m much freer with my movement and when I can access the internet.

Up until now, I have not shared with the kids that I write a blog.  For one, I don’t want Flotsam or Jetsam to know about the blog.  Anything the kids know about, Flotsam and Jetsam know about it too because the kids just cannot keep their mouths shut about things like this.  Also, the kids being kids might not understand the humor and point of view I have on their lives.  Hun knows that I write about them, reads my work and has no problem with what I’m saying, but that still doesn’t mean I want 4 cranky kids complaining about my nicknames for them or that they don’t understand sarcasm.  So….

Sitting on the couch, typing away on a word document for my latest installment, Rowdy happens to ask me what I’m doing.  Hun always asks me the same thing, in the exact same tone of voice, and I always respond the same way – writing a blog post (duh!).

Uh Oh!!

Crap!  (Did that just come out of my mouth?)

Rowdy instantly perked up at the same time LaLa was walking into the room.  Simultaneously, they both commented, “You have a blog?”  I believe in telling the kids the truth in most instances (although, I also believe what they don’t know won’t hurt me), so I didn’t shy away and told them yes.  I was barraged with questions like:

“What’s it about?” – It’s about my life.

“Are we in it?” – Yes

“Can we read it?” – No

“Why not?” – Because you don’t need to at this point.

“Well, if we can’t read it, you can’t write about us!” – Tough, you’re supporting cast members.

“That’s not fair!!  We want to read it!” – Too bad.

“Are you ever going to let us read it?” – Maybe…..after Monkey turns 18 (in 7 years).

“You should let us read it anyway.” – Nope, not gonna happen.

“Do other people read it?” – Yep, lots of people

“Who?” – Some family members and the general public.

“WHAT!?!  Seriously?  Which family members?” – Well, several, and no, I’m not telling you who.  You should be able to figure it out on your own….after all, they didn’t start calling you LaLa for nothing you know.

“ARGH!!  You told them my nick-name?!?” – It’s not like they didn’t already know it.  (I received a huge eye-roll from this part of the conversation.)

And on and on the conversation went for about another 10 minutes.

At odd points in the last several days, I’ll be ambushed with the same conversation – whether I’m on the computer or not.  The kids cannot handle knowing about something and then not having access to the information – kind of like looking at the Christmas presents under the tree and having to wait to open them…..they bug us for days begging to open just one….please!?!

Now the secret is out.  And the kids are at Jetsam’s house this weekend – which means, she now knows about it as well – probably.

If the pattern with her stays as it usually does, Jetsam won’t say a word to me or Hun about it at all.  After all, she’s scared of me remember?  But…..

Her mom, let’s call her Cruella, is coming into the state this week for Thanksgiving.  Cruella THINKS she is so smart.  Cruella thinks she can control situations – when the reality is she is a crazy nutcase that we allow to believe she has won an argument simply so we can get away from her.  The last time I was in her presence, she threatened to sue both Hun and I into oblivion if we didn’t do exactly what they were insisting we do because I had the gall to say that Jetsam was overreacting to a situation.  (Jetsam had stated a nasal medication we were giving to Rowdy – for several months before this particular confrontation during which time she never spoke of having an issue with anything I might add – was being sprayed directly onto his brain and was giving him seizures – ummm…yeah….okay…..there is so much wrong with that statement I don’t even know where to begin…..)

Jetsam will not confront me on her own about this, she will wait until she has the backing and support of her momma behind her. It will not surprise me in the least if I get a phone call or a summons to present front and center (yeah right!  Like that’s going to happen!) to Cruella so she can fight Jetsam’s battles with me for her.  I’m prepared this time.  I’m not going to be ambushed like I was last time.  I have it all planned out in my head what I am going to say.  Let’s hope the confrontation (if there is one) plays out like I think it will.

If it does, you, dear readers, will have a field day of my misery – I’m sure of it!!