Flotsam strikes again.

No surprise there – he oozes contempt and superiority whenever I have to talk to him, which is approximately every 2 weeks – like clockwork.  Funny how that works when it’s based off of court ordered visitation.

Visitation between Flotsam and Buddy and I has been a source of contention ever since the judge signed the order for me to have sole custody w/Flotsam having limited, supervised visitation over 3 years ago.  Flotsam insists that his rights as a father trumps anything signed by the judge….the law be damned.  He also truly believes that money equals face-time when that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Last week was no exception – with a twist.

Flotsam actually paid child support!  Dun dun dun……

Getting child support at our house is like winning the lottery or the money fairy visiting – especially from either Flotsam or Jetsam as they allow their income tax returns to be seized or other such bulk payments to be made.  Hun and I are both supposed to receive child support for all of our kids – $250 from Flotsam (1 child) and $150 from Jetsam (3 children) – $400 per month for 4 kids.  Both Flotsam and Jetsam are around a year behind in payments at the moment.  We’re lucky if we see anything in any given month – it’s a good thing we never rely on this money to pay bills or to get the kids what they need/want.  Not receiving child support payments has never stopped us from allowing any of the kids from seeing their other parent, ever.  So, with this back-drop, here’s the long and short of things:

Flotsam called, left a message asking about visitation for the weekend and waited on me to call him back.  Once I called him back, he started right in:

Flotsam:               I’m glad you called back, how about visitation this weekend?  Also, did you receive a payment?

Me:                        What payment?

Flotsam:               You should have received a payment – did you not get it?

Me:                        I don’t know……I haven’t checked lately.

Flotsam:               Well, you should have one waiting – you’ll have a VERY good Christmas this year (several months worth of child support it turns out).  Being behind has really been weighing on my heart – so I get to see Buddy this weekend right?

Me:                        Technically, it’s not your weekend – visitation was supposed to happen last weekend.

Flotsam:               Oh…well, I’m sure we can work this out; after all, you OWE me a visitation with my son since I missed last weekend.

Me:                        I don’t owe you visitation, it’s your responsibility to remember when you are supposed to be visiting your son, not mine.  However, I have been thinking about the fact that you’re unable to keep track of 1st, 3rd and 5th Sundays and would like to figure out a better solution – possibly going to every other weekend.

Flotsam:               So you’re telling me I can’t see my son this weekend even though I made sure you’ve been paid?

Me:                        Visitation has nothing to do with child support – we have plans this weekend when we had  planned on Buddy visiting you last weekend and next weekend, not this weekend.

Flotsam:               Well – you talk it over with your husband and see if anything can be done about this.  If you can see it in your heart to make accommodations to make this work, call me back.  I guess if I don’t hear from you, visitation isn’t happening.  <click>

At least I didn’t have to get into a long drawn out argument with him like I have been drawn into in the past.

On the bright side – the Money Fairy did visit us and was very generous.  While child support is supposed to be for the kids’ benefit, Hun and I have already supplied them everything and anything they might need in the last year – including a brand new band instrument for Buddy that Flotsam refused to help out in purchasing.  So….look out  world!  Momma’s going to buy her a new pair of shoes!!

I love the Money Fairy.

For those keeping track:  Vacation Count Down Day 24…….