Walking into my new office on the first day of my new job, I was met with a huge welcome…..


And the news that I’d be on my own for an undetermined amount of time 15 minutes after walking in the door….






I’d like to say I lived up to my evilness and spread all sort of mayhem…but alas, I was my meek and mild alter-ego instead.

I did dig through the cupboards in the kitchenette area – it needs some help, like, a LOT of help.  Mom just thinks my pantry at home is a mess – it ain’t got nothing over this little area.

I also found the secret stash of Blue Bell ice cream pints hidden away in the freezer….good thing Hun doesn’t work there – those would have been gone before the end of the day.

I discovered the storage area needs someone with organizational skills because the file/copy room looks like Staples exploded in there.

There are plants all over the office area with yellowed, drooping leaves and vases without any water but full of ivy roots and cuttings.

I’m sure if I search hard enough, I’ll find a colony of dust bunnies pro-creating underneath the conference table.  Maybe I should inter-mix my colony from home so we can dilute the gene pool somewhat……

I have my work cut out for me and I’ve only been in the office 8 hours.

Of course, the irony that I got a substantial raise to come to this department and I spent the better part of the day scanning documents into the computer and cleaning out file folders (tasks usually reserved for interns and other peons) didn’t escape me either.

The *very* few phone calls I fielded left at least one caller frustrated beyond belief – a fact that my iron trap of a mind didn’t miss with the huge SIGH that greeted my attempt to transfer them to the person that could help them.

My “orientation” to the department was sprinkled with more comments of “You probably know more about this subject than I do” when my new boss was going over all of the legalese required by HR than actual learning on my part.

At least the few people I did talk to as they walked into the office actually knew who I was and was excited I was there.  The one person started jabbering away about everything *we* were going to talk about to change a portion of my job and talking like I knew exactly what he was talking about.  Great!  I don’t even know what my job is exactly and already it’s going to be changed.

I’m sure there is much more to the job than I’m currently not seeing, but right now I’m not sure if I can handle all of the excitement!