I’ve been told one of the few things we’re doing right in raising our kids is the fact that we sit down to eat dinner as a family almost every night. 

It’s taken almost 4 years since we received custody of Hun’s kids, but dinner no longer feels like a chore and weird that we’re all sitting there, staring at each other from across the table, watching and listening to each other eat our food.  Manners are being taught (daily reminders seem to happen!), new foods are being tried and chores are being learned.  The kids are really opening up as well and telling us about their days, when before they wouldn’t say two words.

Part of them not sharing anything with us I blame on Jetsam.  She has actively told her kids what a horrible father they have and would share examples with them that will seemingly back up her claims.  Most of the examples she is giving are from when they were still married, which at this point, is more than 10 years ago.  This is still on-going, even though they live with us full time and can see for themselves that the claims are far from the truth.  However, they are still conflicted because their mom wouldn’t lie to them…..would she?

One of these incidents happened just the other day.

As we’re eating dinner, Monkey pipes up that her mom claims that Daaaddd used to come home late, eating McDonald’s, and not bring them anything at all, leaving them hungry.

Oooohhhh….the look on Hun’s face while Monkey was saying this was NOT good.

He finally interjected that her mom can say anything she wants to, but the fact is he was working 10-12 hour days when that happened, driving over an hour to and from the job site each morning and night and wouldn’t pull into the driveway of their house until 8-9pm each night after leaving the house at 5-6am each morning.  Yes, there were times he stopped for dinner through the drive-thru at McDonald’s and yes, he would get home to find out their mom hadn’t feed them yet.

Monkey sat there with this smug little grin on her face while he was saying all of this and the look said it all, “See, I knew my mom was right!”


I opened my mouth.  I reminded Monkey (and the others since we were all sitting there) that these incidents happened while their parents were still together, 10 years ago.  That Monkey would have been less than a year old, if born at all, Rowdy would have been at most 3 years old and LaLa would have been 5 years old at the most.  It was almost like you could hear the wheels of their brains clicking at the table it got so quiet while they processed this information.

Rowdy finally responded, “At that age, we should have already been fed and in bed by 8 o’clock, not waiting to eat!”


And yet, we’re the horrible, evil parents.  Go figure.

If only everything regarding raising kids would work out this easily!