I don’t think there was a full moon on Halloween this year, but I could be wrong.  The day was strange enough for one in my life!

Kids are ready for Trick-or-Treating, even though they are all too old in my opinion (except for Monkey).  We made them a deal though: they could go if they took Monkey around and left us to pass out candy to the cute little kids coming to our house.  That leaves us to pass out candy to the kids, eat some candy for ourselves, pass out more candy, eat more candy and the cycle continues until we run out (which we didn’t).  Nothing odd about Halloween that night or with the kids; however, Hun takes the stage on this post.

At this point, it’s been around two weeks since Hun was in his accident and still no resolution from the other driver’s insurance.  Seems they won’t do anything until they get her side of the story and she’s refusing to call them back.  This is pissing off Hun and I’m ready to get our insurance involved because I’m tired of waiting on Hun to do it and hearing him complain about it.  Then, Halloween happened:  I’m still in the middle of training my replacement since I now have less than a week before I start my new position when Hun calls me at work.

Hun:      You’ll never believe the text message I just got!

Me:        Try me.

Hun:      You know the lady that hit me and has been refusing to talk to her insurance company so my truck can be fixed?

Me:        Yeah?

Hun:      She just sent me a text message asking me out for a drink!

Me:        WHAT?!?  <<giggle>>  You’re serious?

Hun:      Yes!  What do I do?

Me:        Hahahahahahaha!!  That’s awesome!  My Hunny is a Stud-Muffin!  He’s got women running into him for a date!   Hahahaha!!

Hun:      This isn’t funny!  Well….yes it is, but what do I say to her?

Me:        Well – hehehe – obviously the date she was going to when she ran into you didn’t work out, so she’s trying her luck with you.  I can’t decide if she’s brave and ballsy or desperate and sad. 

Hun:      Obviously!  But why would she text me?

Me:        I don’t know – maybe the fact you have a job turned her on, or such an awesome looking truck, or how handsome you are.  How would I know why she texted you?  I still think it’s hilarious!!

Hun:      I’m going to tell her thanks but no thanks, I’m married.

Me:        That’s probably a good idea.  Hahahahaha!!!

On a positive note, the lady had just finished talking to her insurance company and everything is now squared away for Hun to get his truck fixed.  One less issue to deal with regarding that stress in our life – whew!

The incident has given me all sorts of ammo to tease Hun about:

How many women did you run into today to give your phone number to?

Have any women been throwing themselves at you today?

Running late I see – where’s your phone?  I’ve gotta check those text messages for the good stuff!

How’s my Stud-Muffin doing today?