What a crazy, wild, roller-coaster of a week!

I guess I last posted my apprehension of a job interview last Friday afternoon.  It was interesting – more like I was a shoe-in, they were just interviewing me for my personality.  Would I fit in with their office instead of if I was capable of doing the work.  I guess my reputation preceded me, I can do the work, but I was on my best behavior – boy are they in for a surprise!!  Hehehe!!  They know nothing of my evilness!!

As you can guess – I have the job!  Woohoo!!  I suspected this before the interview was over even though they gave the standard, “We’ll get back with you, yada, yada, yada.”  The biggest hint was my new boss asking if I had told my old/present boss of the application/job interview and then asking, “Well, how are you going to break it to her?”  Yeah…note to new boss….that’s kind of a dead give-away.

Spent all weekend agonizing over how I was going to break it to my boss and office-mate that I was abandoning ship.  Co-worker beat me to it – she called me on Sunday asking if I got the job or not!  Crap!!  I forgot all about telling her I received that email suggesting I look at the job posting.  She was cool with everything and let me know what her plans were if the ship actually sank.  Whew!  I was worried about more than just getting the job – I was worried what would happen to the rest of the office if me leaving was the catalyst to the department falling apart.  Seems I’m not the only one to think about this possibility and she’s been busy making her own plans for just such an occurrence. 

Monday – I’m all ready to tell my boss about the application and interview, since she’s now the only one left in the dark.  7:10am, receive a call from boss lady – she’s not coming in, she’s sick.  Dammit!!  Not something I want to talk to her about over the phone, so now I’m back in a holding pattern.

Monday afternoon – receive a call from HR with the “official” job offer.  <<GASP>>  Not only am I offered the job, but with a raise I would be crazy to turn down, with the opportunity for advancement and much higher pay in the future.  I was literally speechless and the HR rep was laughing at my stumbling response with a, “I take that as a yes, you accept the position?  I thought so!!  Congratulations!!  Does your current boss know?”  <<Groan>>  Back to that dilemma.

Tuesday morning – boss is still sick.  I’m vacillating from being on cloud nine figuring out what my new paycheck will look like to complete dread trying to figure out if I should email boss anyway or just wait one more day.

Wednesday morning – boss is finally here!!  Yippee!!  Dang!  Now I gotta talk to her.  Finally get a chance and her first response is, “Please don’t tell me you have another job!!”  Uh…fine!  Sure!!  I won’t tell you that – let’s pretend this conversation never happened and that email you get from HR is a figment of your imagination.  Seriously, she wasn’t surprised with what I had to tell her and was ok with the transfer/promotion, but not happy to be losing me.  On a wonderfully happy note, the lady that was laid off from my office was offered my “old/current” job, has accepted and will be re-joining us tomorrow.  So everything has worked out….for now.

Friday – Hun received keys to a company vehicle, company gas card and company cell phone for his temp-to-perm job.  The guy hired 2 month before Hun (without the “benefit” of temporary status) still doesn’t have his own vehicle, so I consider this a HUGE stepping stone to Hun having a permanent job as well.

On Friday, I also received a call from Flotsam’s current wife (let’s refer to her as Ursula – the sea hag).  I refuse to speak to this woman on principle, even thinking about her taints my happy place, so I’m just going to leave the occurrence as a mention….for now.

Finish the weekend off with a weekend relatively kid-free (LaLa, Rowdy and Monkey were at Jetsam’s house), and I had as close to a stress-free weekend that is possible with my life.  I haven’t had one in a very long time and I relished every minute of it.