It is official, Hun’s evil too.

WooHoo!!  I’m not the only one!!

Last night was our town’s High School Homecoming Parade.  Our town lets any and all groups join in the parade that want to (and are approved ahead of time).  So, not only do we get to see the Varsity football players, cheerleaders, marching band and Homecoming King and Queen nominees ride down Main Street, we get to also see the local boy scouts, ROTC chapter, elementary school choirs and any and all other clubs offered at the schools.  Because of this, all of our kids have been in the Homecoming parade at some point (oddly enough, not all at the same time so far).

Last night, LaLa and Monkey were supposed to be in it – LaLa for high school choir (10th grade) and Monkey for elementary school choir (5th grade).  The boys were content to sit this year out and catch candy from the floats.

About 15 minutes from parade start time, Hun gets a call from the elementary school choir director that we need to pick Monkey up.  It seems she lost her permission slip to march in the parade and the hand-written one Hun put together for her before dropping her off wasn’t good enough for the school.  The choir director apologized to Hun repeatedly for the misunderstanding as it seems she had originally told Monkey the hand-written one would be fine.  She found out differently at the parade and had to tell Monkey and 4 other kids they couldn’t march in the parade either.

Hun told the director not to worry about it – Monkey was old enough to remember to turn the permission slip in on time and not lose it, so it was her irresponsibility and lack of follow-though that was keeping her from marching, not the teacher.  Monkey was not happy with the fact her Daddy did not stand up for her and insist she be allowed to march anyway.

Oh well – we’re evil – remember?

Meanwhile – back, at the ranch…….As I was waiting in The Beast for Monkey and Hun to finish talking to the teacher, Rowdy was sitting in the backseat just gloating and speculating about why Monkey was not being allowed to march.  You see – back when he was in 5th grade, he was in choir as well and was supposed to march in the Homecoming Parade that year.  Around 30 minutes before marching time, I also received a call from the teacher stating Rowdy needed to be picked up immediately and wouldn’t be allowed to march.

However, the circumstances of their similar situations are vastly different.  It seems Rowdy couldn’t stand the fact that LaLa had been given an extra cell phone to use so that we could find her along the parade route and thought he should have possession of it (they were to arrive much earlier than we were able to get there from work).  He started screaming at her (with all of the teachers and other parents as witnesses) to “Give him the f*cking phone!!”  He got into a lot of trouble for that, both with Hun and I and the school (although, he was getting into a lot of other trouble that year, this wasn’t the only incident).

I finally told Rowdy to zip-it regarding the gloating and to not say anything to Monkey about not being able to march.  Rowdy being Rowdy, he started to argue with me and I said, “Keep it up, say one word to her – just ONE, and I WILL let loose on what you did to get kicked out of your 5th grade parade.  If you upset her more than she already is with herself, I will NOT hold back and I WILL embarrass you – in front of your friends if I get the opportunity.  Why she’s not being allowed to march and why you weren’t allowed to march are two totally different reasons and I think you can see that.  DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Wonder of wonders, he kept his mouth shut.

I love being evil some days.