Life happens doesn’t it?  We have all hear that old wives’ tale – trouble happens in threes.  I think, I hope, I’ve hit my limit this month.

Two weeks ago, Hun lost his job.  Last week my department was downsized.  Today, Hun wrecked his truck.  He’s fine, but the truck is going to need a face lift.  Thankfully, it’s still currently drivable, but no telling for how long.  I haven’t see pictures of it just yet, but I’m sure my mind is making it look worse than it really is.

Of course, I could be totally wrong with my assessment of threes.  Maybe we’re just at number two on the worst month of this decade’s hit-list parade.  Maybe things could get MUCH worse:

Maybe we could all come down with warts and ugly toenail fungus.

Maybe the house will be invaded by geckos and snakes.

Maybe they tell us that they were wrong and that chocolate cake and cigars really are healthy for us.

Maybe an asteroid will take out the kids’ schools (wait – never mind, the kids would LOVE that!).

Maybe the earth will be invaded by transforming robots.

Maybe they will let Tom Cruise direct another movie.

At this point, I’m hanging on for dear life by the tips of my fingers to still be able to take vacation in December.  It’s unrealistic of me to still believe we should go, but at this point, I’m currently at “Damn the Consequences” on my Give-A-Crap-O-Meter.  It’s the only thing left giving me hope for a “normal” life right now.

I haven’t been so burned out on life like I am right now for a long, long time.  Things WILL get better – it’s just a matter of time.  My outlook on life has always been optimistic and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.  However – I can only take so much! 

HEAR THAT UNIVERSE!?!  Go mess with someone else for a while!!