I hate work. 

There, I said it – out loud even, within earshot of my boss – and she just laughed at me.  Bitch.

No, really, I hate work right now.  Normally, I’m not so vocal about hating work (besides – don’t we all?), but this last month has really pushed me over the edge. 

I am convinced that IT Departments the world over are nothing more than minions of evil forces (and not the cute ones from Despicable Me).  Speaking with words no one understands, sprinkling the conversation with abbreviations fired off in rapid succession, and promising to think about promising to repair your problems all the while smirking at you through the phone at your lack of appreciation for their god-like knowledge.  Their attitudes of, “You don’t work for IT, so you can’t possibly know more than I do, so quit telling me how to do my job – I’ll get it done when I damned well please!” is really more than any person should have to tolerate.  Going Postal isn’t even an option due to the lack of face-to-face time – maybe going all IT on their ass should be the next step.  I’m not sure how to accomplish that, but I’m working on it!!

Why am I so anti-IT right now?  Why do I hate work?  Let me tell you…….

My main computer program is currently on the fritz – yes, I said FRITZ!  That is TOO a technical term!!  Don’t mess with me right now…..I’ve got a keyboard and I know how to use it dammit! 

This program is not supported by my company’s IT Department.  I know this.  I’ve known this for the last 10 years.  Any time there is an issue, I have to call the program company long distance to fix the problem.  Frustrating, but not overly so – at least they do more than just move the mouse around when I say the program’s not working – they usually fix it.  But not this time….Bastards!

<<Sigh>>  No, they’re not….not really – you see, this program has been due for an upgrade for the last 4+ years.  Two years ago, my company finally approved the upgrade, the upgrade was purchased, but our IT Department didn’t install the program on our server because…..well…..I’m not sure why they didn’t!!  The people that were originally in-charge of this are no longer here.  AHA!!  That’s the reason you might think, but no – those people have only been gone for a year.  So why has this been languishing for 2+ years?  I dunno – because IT Departments are evil minions?? 

Seriously – if you or I didn’t do a part of our job for over 2 years, we wouldn’t have a job!  I think IT Departments the world over must be employed by the governments.  Why else would the fairly simple task of performing an upgrade to an existing application take more than 2 years??  I can see it taking 2 months – but come on!?!  Two freaking years?!? 

Right now…..I’m dead in the water.  I cannot do my work – again.  My main program is down – again.  Last week I was down for two and a half days.  Two and a half days of taking phone calls and responding to emails about why I haven’t responded to the original requests.  Once I was finally up and running, I had lost half of the work I had inputted the week before.  Almost 2 weeks worth of work, gone (since I had to re-do everything I had done from the week before), with no apology from IT.  The best I received from them was – it could have been worse.  Sure, it could have been worse, but isn’t that their problem, not mine?  Especially since I run back-ups every day to avoid issues like this?  The thought of the very real possibility of having to re-do the re-done work, again, is almost more than I can handle right now.

What’s harder to swallow is the knowledge from the program’s IT Department that if the upgrade had been done 2 years ago, like it was supposed to have been done, I wouldn’t be experiencing the catastrophic failures I am today.

AARRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!  That sound you hear is the primal scream coming from me as I want to go all IT/Postal on them.

I hate work.