Talking to family over the weekend, I realized that I had left out a very important character in my life. This character has taken over all aspects of my family life and there’s nothing I can do about it. This character is The Mistress and she’s one fickle bitch.

Oh yes, I know all about The Mistress. If it were possible for Hun to share a bed with both me and The Mistress, I believe he would. In any given month, Hun spends more money on The Mistress than he spends on me. Hun spends more physical time with me, but only because I’m more vocal and demanding of his time – I may have Hun’s heart, but The Mistress owns his soul.

Hun spends a lot of his time worshipping at the altar of The Mistress. He will stand there and just stare at her. I have walked up to him caressing her sleek body. He spends time looking for presents for her on the internet – presents that cost way more than anything he’s ever looked at for me. He thinks nothing of buying new bling for her – even when she does nothing to lift a finger for him.

I shouldn’t say The Mistress does nothing for Hun. She provides him services on demand that I would never think of doing for him. She purrs or roars, whenever he touches her in the right way. She gets him wet and then leaves him high and dry. Whenever he has her on his arm, Hun is the envy of all of the other guys he passes. They stare after him with longing and lust. Complete strangers have stopped Hun to ask him how? Why? And most importantly, they ask – tell me how I can get me a Mistress just like yours!

I’ve seen this myself. You should see the envy in the other guys’ eyes – you know they’re thinking how can a guy like Hun handle a Mistress like that and still have his wife on the other arm? I’m also an object of envy of these other guys at times. I have been asked where did Hun find me and do I have a sister just like me – one that allows her husband to have both a wife and a Mistress as wonderful as Hun does?

Other women do not like that I allow Hun to have a Mistress. Originally, I was sure their jealousness had to do with my awesomeness. I’m learning that’s not true at all, they were trying to warn me. I have been given dire warnings from other women that a Mistress like Hun’s will ruin our marriage. Eight months into this tenuous relationship, their warnings are starting to resonate with me. Things I waved away as mere exaggerations are slowly being revealed as truth.

Things such as:

  • New toys will appear that are not for the marriage, but for The Mistress – true.
  • Hun will do everything he can to spend more and more time with The Mistress – true.
  • Hun will try to rope me into spending just as much time with The Mistress as he does – true.
  • Hun will dream of having a threesome with The Mistress and will be upset when I don’t go along – true.
  • Hun will begin looking for new partners to share his threesome dream with – true.

This last one just happened this last weekend. Hun went with another guy to drool over his Mistress with. They spent all day loving all over The Mistress. The other guy was so impressed with the day that Hun and the guy are planning their next adventure with her – this next coming weekend! I think I’ve allowed a monster to be born!!

I’m not totally without control over this relationship. No matter what Hun spends on The Mistress, I always get the remainder of his paycheck – so she doesn’t get it ALL, even though Hun has been known to beg to spend more money on her. No matter how long it’s been since Hun has spent time with The Mistress, I insist that time with our kids come first. And, I’ve threatened to destroy The Mistress if Hun ever thinks of leaving me over anything regarding another woman. The Mistress is welcomed in our marriage, but cheating on me with another woman will be a deal breaker.

The Mistress is a very bright, very sparkly, Harley Davidson orange and cream-colored, Legend Alpha 211 bass boat.

The Mistress

What?!? You didn’t seriously think I’d allow Hun to have a real mistress did you? What kind of messed up family do you think we are? Okay – we are messed up, just not like that!!