Today, school is back in session.  4 kids, 4 piles of school supplies, 4 backpacks, 4 stacks of new cloths, doctors’ appointments completed, new glasses/contacts ordered, and first day jitters – what could go possibly go wrong?

So far, so good – it’s 9:30am on the first day of school for the 2011 school year and I haven’t received one phone call yet.  No calls saying, “I forgot my lunch! or I missed my bus!!”  No calls asking, “Why didn’t you buy me this or that?”  No calls from the principals saying the clothing your kid is wearing is inappropriate.  {{Whew to it all!!}}  I’m sitting at work, relishing the sound of quiet from the phone (does ignoring work related calls count?).

I always worry about the first day.  Which kid is going to fight me getting up on time?  Which kid is going to have a melt-down because their outfit of choice isn’t just right?  Which kid is going to decide that today of all days is the perfect day to begin their parental rebellion campaign?

On any other day of the school year – any or all of the above will happen.  LaLa has missed her bus before because she hasn’t gotten up on time – yes, we made her walk the 2.4 miles to school that day (horrible evil parents that we are).  Or Monkey calling to say, “Please bring me my lunch!”  Or Rowdy complaining that we forgot to remind him to do his homework (yeah, that one doesn’t go over so well!).  Buddy normally doesn’t call, but we’ll have to yell at him later for forgetting something that HAD to be turned in yesterday that he didn’t remember to do.

In fact, this morning was the opposite and I’m surprised –I don’t think any of them went to sleep at all.  ALL of the kids were in bed without arguments by 8:30pm last night – in some cases without us even telling them to go (amazing!!).  ALL of the kids were up before 6:00am.  ALL of the kids were ready to go by 6:30am.  Did I mention that school doesn’t start until 8:15am for Elementary school?  Or 8:30am for Middle School?  Granted, LaLa had to be at the bus stop by 6:30am for High School (which starts at 7:30am this year), but since that’s a block from our house, that wasn’t too hard for her to make it to since she was in the shower by 5:00am.  Heck, the kids were waking ME up.

I seriously thought about checking the house aura for theme music from The Twilight Zone.  It was spooky in a nice kind of way.  If only the rest of the year could be this calm, this rational, this put-together.  I think I’m asking for a bit much – don’t you?