I’m constantly mulling over statements and comments and overall baffling words being spewed forth by either Flotsam and/or Jetsam.

Today it was Jetsam’s turn.

Hun took the kids to Jetsam this afternoon for her visitation weekend.  I’ll ignore the fact for now that she’s supposed to be the one picking up the kids per the custody arrangement.  After all, she’s a single mom on a limited income with a POS car while we’re a two income family, driving around in luxury, eating caviar and vacationing on yachts.  No, really, I don’t mind – not at all.

 While there, apparently Jetsam asked Hun when he was going to “give the kids back to her” regarding custody.

Thank GOODNESS I wasn’t there to hear that statement out of her mouth!  I KNOW my eyes would have popped out of my head.  I’m not 100% sure I could have kept my mouth shut.  I’m not even 100% sure I would have WANTED to keep my mouth shut.

Lets see where Jetsam currently stands regarding stability:

  • Currently 4 months out from being on the brink of homelessness.  Seriously.  4 months ago, she was telling us she HAD to get a job or she would have to move back in with Momma – 4 states away – or move into a shelter.  The only reason she didn’t make either move was she miraculously pulled off getting a job 3 days away from her moving date (why she couldn’t get a similar job in the previous 12 months she was unemployed is beyond me).
  • She is over a year behind in child support payments.  The last payment we received was from when the state seized her income tax return from 2009.  We’re supposed to receive the income tax from 2010 as well, but because of the way the law works, we haven’t received it just yet.  ETA:  We did just receive a payment from her current job, so – WOOHOO!!  A whooping $100 for 2 weeks worth of child support (she’s supposed to pay $150 per month, but because she’s behind, the state’s upped that to $225 month).  Gold Star for Jetsam for a change!  {{NOT}}
  • To her credit, she has been able to stay in the same place for over a year now.  Her youngest son actually spent his first entire year in the same school district, in the same school, with the same teacher and friends – for his entire 3rd grade year!  He’s going to be in 4th grade and this is a first for him.  I’m not sure if that’s Gold Star worthy for Jetsam…. I’m still thinking about it.  After all, she was seriously contemplating about moving with him while he was still in the middle of the school year.  Just the fact that she was thinking about moving, again, makes me hesitant to give her any more credit here than she deserves.

As for Hun – he handled it pretty good (although not perfect like I would have – WHAT?!?  I’m a perfectionist, of course I would have handled it perfectly!).  He told Jetsam that LaLa has only 3 years left in school before she turns 18 – after that if LaLa wants to move back in with Jetsam, that’s her choice.  Hun tried to say that it would be expensive to get the lawyers involved again to change the custody.  Of course, Jetsam had a response to that – “It would go through Family Court and we could do it ourselves without lawyers.”  He also told her that custody will probably not change while Jetsam is behind on child support – the courts would probably not allow it (Hun states that comment gave her pause).

All in all, Hun basically left the subject “open” by not saying definitively to Jetsam that custody will NOT change while the kids are still in school.  But at least he didn’t let her run over him like has happened in the past.  2 Gold Stars for Hun!!

Now, my dilemma…..why did she bring this up?  And why now?

I know there’s a reason.  I’ve learned, there is always a reason.  Is it because she’s actually had to make a child support payment to Hun and that burns her?  If so, I’m waiting on the day the kids come home to let us know that, “Mom got laid-off her job because of XX reason.”  That’s what happened last time she actually made a payment or two.  Of course, the lay-off was not her fault, the job burned her by cutting her hours to the point she had to quit, but with the way things happened, she didn’t qualify for unemployement – or was it because her sister/mother wouldn’t help her to apply for unemployement?  I can’t remember with the multiple stories we heard this past year.  Or is it simply because she misses having her kids with her?  I know as a mother, I would be missing my kids horribly – but I’m still suspicious of if that’s the REAL reason – it just seems out of character for her from what I have witnessed.

I’m sure I’ll find out more in the next few weeks/months.

Until then…..the sleep I was hoping to get tonight will be on hold while my mind tries to figure this new twist out.