Even if you don’t remember dreaming, it has been said that everybody dreams.  I really like having dreams most of the time, even if I don’t remember them an hour later.  They are interesting to think about and attempting to figure out why you’re having THAT particular dream can sometimes be an exercise in futility (whatever THAT is for you).

The other night, I had a very vivid dream – so vivid, I’m still thinking about it 3 days later.  In the dream, I’m sitting in the driver’s seat of a old car, an old boat of a car because it had vinyl bench seats and the front seat was large enough so that I could sit sideways in the seat behind the steering wheel.  A current co-worker was in the passenger seat, an ex-co-worker that no longer works with us in the back passenger-side seat, and another person I couldn’t see was sitting behind me.  We were all turned in the car looking at each other talking. 

The ex-co-worker turns to me and says, “I don’t know what you’ve been doing to yourself, but you look HORRIBLE.  I mean really bad.  Whatever you are doing, you need to stop.”

My immediate reply back to her was, “Well, it’s a good thing you no longer work with us then, since you’ll be spared the torture of looking at me.”

I immediately woke up from this dream after saying those words.  I woke up, not upset or shocked with her comments, but happy with how I had responded back.  It’s only a dream, but I’ve been contemplating all of the things that have been happening to me lately that have caused me to stand up for myself and verbalizing it in the moment.  A few that I remember are:

  • A co-worker in a different department at my job told me, “that’s’ not my job” when I asked her to handle something while her supervisor was out of the area.  I responded back, “You’re supervisor is currently handling a customer complaint, so unless you want her to be handling another one, you need to take care of this NOW!”  When the manager of the area found out what I told the other employee, she told me, “Good – she needed to be told that, you handled it fine.”
  • Telling Flotsam that I don’t care how long it takes, I want all child-support to go through the State Attorney General’s office as I’m no longer going to be responsible for keeping track of what he owes.  He tried to respond that if I didn’t take the money now and report it myself, he didn’t know when the next time he would be able to pay would be.  My response with a shrug of the shoulders, “That’s fine, the longer you wait, the more interest I’ll be paid.  I’m cool with that.”  Flotsam looked like he was going to burst a vein in his head……
  • Jetsam arguing with Hun and me over the phone about whether or not to take Monkey to the emergency room for a high fever.  We have the insurance on her, the bills are being sent to us and we pay for everything including medicines, but still she wanted to argue with us saying she had already done X, Y and Z and still Monkey’s high fever wasn’t coming down.  With the symptoms Jetsam was explaining, it could have been several things, but the one symptom that caught my attention was alarming to me – Monkey could have very well been experiencing the stages of dehydration and/or heat stroke.  With a child recently dying of similar symptoms in our area, I finally said, “Do you want to waste a night at the ER or do you want to risk the possibility of your child dying?  Your call since she’s with you, but I’d prefer to waste my time in the ER personally.”  Thankfully, Monkey only had strep-throat, but it took me pointing out to Jetsam that the symptoms she was describing were potentially deadly serious before she would act (however, I have also now learned – again for the 12th time, that Jetsam exaggerates…..just a little…..).

Just more proof that I’m an evil person.

I think I’m getting MORE opinionated as I get older.  I’m also freer with what I say.  There have been times that even *I* have been shocked at what has come out of my mouth!  I blame it on Hun since he seemed to be missing that filter when I met him.  Strangely enough, Hun has become more laid back in the years that he has been with me, so maybe I’m rubbing off on him as well.

So let this post be a future warning to all of you.  Talking to me, you take your chances – you just might hear something shocking.  If you don’t like what you heard, just remember that I’m a horrible evil person and that will make you feel all better!