It’s always been The Little Things in day-to-day life.  When was the last time you had to deal with an earth-shattering issue?  {{You….you right there….you don’t count – you know who I’m talking to!  Your issue WAS earth-shattering and you get a pass.}}  Richard Carlson was right in his book, “Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff” – the title sums it up beautifully.  However, when the days revolve around The Little Things, how can you not allow them to affect you – both good and bad?

  • The daily hunt for cordless phones – I swear this is an occurrance that happens 2-3 times per week at my house – at least.  We have a cordless base model that has 5 phones!  One in our master bedroom, living room, 2 in the kitchen and one out in the shed/workshop.  At any given time when someone is trying to make a call or take a call, ALL of the phones will be missing!!  Usually, it’s Monkey that has pulled all of the phones into her bedroom because she doesn’t remember taking the first one, or second one, or third one in there.  It’s become our first go-to place to search.  The random beeping of phones on search mode can be quiet entertaining to listen to – unless the batteries are dead, then there is just plain frustration.
  • The unexpected hug from a child.  Needs no explanation.
  • The search for the remote controls.  Almost as epic as the cordless phone hunts, but only when Hun wants his remote right.this.minute.  Remember the days when you had to {{GASP!!}} get up and walk to the TV to change the channel?  It’s impossible to do this simple feat in our house.  Yes, there are buttons on the TV, but no one seems to know how they work unless the buttons being pushed are attached to a remote.  I’m waiting for the entertainment of the day when the batteries go out and we have none to replace them with!  {{Remember?  I said I was evil in the last post – how much more evidence do you need?}}
  • Taking the time to cuddle with your spouse or kids for no good reason at all other than you love them.
  • What to make for dinner is also a Big Little Thing at our house.  Hours can be spent standing at the pantry doorway, staring into the dark abyss with blank eyes, only to move to the freezer/refrigerator with the same lifeless desire – rinse and repeat until hands are thrown up in the air in frustration.  It’s a wonder that we ever eat anything that is actually cooked in our house.  Cereal night has become very popular lately.  And yet, we still have weekly grocery shopping sprees…..go figure!
  • Stumbling across a wonderful gift for your friend.  Buying it just because it will make them happy, only to make you happier still because it’s half-off.

As I said, it’s The Little Things in life that make it both fulfilling and frustrating at the same time.  Is it any wonder we ever get anything accomplished?

What Little Things have happened in your life lately?